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Bonita Bub, Pink Scissor, spraypaint on wood, h:4.7m, Janis II (curated by Amanda Rowell and Kelly Doley), The Commerical, Sydney, 2013 Photography by Jek Maurer

Bonita Bub, Neon Yell, spraypaint on wood and straps, h: 2.1m, Janis II (curated by Amanda Rowell and Kelly Doley), McLemoi, Sydney, 2013 Photography by Jek Maurer

JANIS II was co-curated by Kelly Doley and Amanda Rowell included a diverse range of painting, sculpture and performance from emerging and mid-career artists as well as two deceased artists. JANIS II artists included Bonita Bub, Jenny Christmann, Sarah Goffman, Gail Haistings and Sarah Rodigari.

“You’d be forgiven for thinking that feminism has stalled. Robin Thicke’s devastatingly catchy song Blurred Lines, which glamorises sexual violence towards women, has sold well over a million copies worldwide; women still aren’t being paid as much as their male counterparts; and even the Deputy PM agrees that Australia’s treatment of its first female P.M. was deeply disturbing. Cue JANIS, an ongoing initiative dedicated to promoting the work of female artists, curators and writers.” Rebecca Speer, Concrete Playground, July 2013

"A Woman Named Janis" by Sammy Preston, Broadsheet 23 July 2013

"What Can Nostalgia Bring to Contemporary Art?" by Andrew Frost, The Guardian, 31 July 2013

Janis II, Raven Contemporary

Janis II, The Commercial

Kelly Doley on Janis II