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Bonita Bub and Marilyn Schneider, Leisure Kitsch, canvas, stainless steel and rope, 10 x 4 x 2.1m, The Walls, Miami, Gold Coast, 2014 Photography by Sam Scoufos

Leisure Kitsch is collaborative work by Bonita Bub and Marilyn Schneider. The two artists have built a large 10 x 4 metre awning that fills the gallery space. By isolating this structure in the gallery context, it becomes reduced to a display that has no function. This shifts the focus to the choice of colour and materials, which aim to critique the aesthetic of commercial props and backdrops used in beachside architecture. The colour palette has been taken from images of "marine" furnishings in yachts, bars and resorts in Sydney and Miami to draw attention to a similar “lifestyle” setting existing on the Gold Coast. To get people in the mood for an Ivy-inspired beachside pool party (ironically at an industrial estate in GC), Schneider played beachside tunes from club-classic Hedkandi.

Leisure Kitsch at The Walls

ABC Open Interview for Leisure Kitsch